Sea Tow Foundation Loaner Life Jacket Count Form


Please use this form to count life jacket being used at each of your loaner life jacket stations.


Start a new form each time you count a station or count inventory of life jackets you have stored.


You only need to fill in the sections of this form you are using at the time.


Your counts help our funders see how many times your audience use the life jackets in your area and decide if they will continue their support.


Fewer counts show fewer people using the jackets.


Frequent regular counts are important. If you cannot count your stations every week or two, please for help by calling 888-276-7691 or use the comment section at the end of this form.


Thank you for your help to make this program a success!



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Loaner Life Jacket Count Form

  • Enter the date of the count.
  • Drop files here or
    Three times a year, upload a photo of your Loaner Station.
  • Your Contact Information

    * Required fields.
  • Location Information

    * Required Fields
  • Name of boat ramp, marina, park, etc.
  • Count Worn Life Jacket

    This count tells us how many people are using the jackets. Fewer counts show less people are using the life jackets. Frequent regular counts show more people are using the life jackets in your area. Only count jackets that look like they have been used since you last neatened up the station. Please count jackets as often as you can.
  • Count Jackets Not Worn

    These are the jackets that look like they have not been used or worn since you last neatened up the station.
  • Count Removed Jackets

    Broken, rot, torn, etc. Then dispose of these life jackets.
  • Count Added Jackets

    From donation, inventory, life jacket drive, or other.
  • Total Working Jackets at Station

    This section automatically totals Worn + Not Worn + Added Jackets.
  • Count Inventory of Jackets

    Do not include life jackets at stations.
  • Thank you. This data is very important to the program. Thanks again for your help collecting it.

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