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Life Jacket Loaner Grant

You can host and maintain a Sea Tow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Station stocked with life jackets in a variety of sizes available for boaters to borrow free of charge for a day out on the water. These are available for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and applicable businesses.


If you are selected, you will receive the following:

  • Life jackets in an assortment of sizes ranging from infant to adult extra large
  • Press kit to promote the life jacket loaner station
  • Life jacket loaner program manual
  • Life jacket stand, if needed and available as supplies are limited.
  • 200 life jacket safety informational buckslip flyers
  • 1 weather-proof brochure holder for the
  • A sign to place on top of the loaner stand
  • Signage files to print locally with the addition of your organization’s logo

You agree to monitor usage of the life jackets and report back to Sea Tow Foundation, including photos, on how people are using the Life Jacket Loaner Station each month during your boating season and provide a final report at the end of the summer boating season.


Grant Availability

Applications are available as funding permits and a waiting list is available for when funding is not available to purchase life jackets. Grant includes life jackets from infant to extra large if needed a stand, and information on how to set up, how to care for your Life Jacket Loaner Station and how to promote it year after year.


Please add your name to the waiting list to be notified of next grant ap.




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